support urbavore, drink urbavore coffee.

Coffee culture is something that I grew up with. It’s not just a stereotype. Seattleites really love their coffee. Seattle has the highest concentration of independent coffee shops in the country and Seattle is a top coffee consuming city. Coffee roasters are abundant and the shops that vend these wares have become Seattle’s collective living room. Espresso is something that I’ve beem drinking since I was about 12 years old. I’d sneak lattés when I was out with friends, and as I aged, coffee consumption increased more and more. Where others grab a drink to take the edge off, I was eventually grabbing an espresso after each day of work. By the time I left Seattle, a latté was the reward at the end of my 14-mile bike ride home from work. You could definitely say that I took this for granted.


Last year, I moved to San Francisco and my coffee consumption dropped considerably. Café culture here is just not the same, and the availability of super delicious espresso is not nearly as abundant (it’s a pour-over town). This past summer, I decided to experiment with roasting high quality and responibily sourced coffee beans at home. I have been roasting in small batches (usually 1 pound at a time) and have fallen in love with this amazing meditative craft.

My green beans come from Sweet Marias in Oakland, which does an AMAZING job of sourcing beans, and connecting with the famers/co-ops that are growing wonderful coffee beans. I have had the chance to roast different varietals from Guatamala, El Salvador, Antigua, Kenya, and Nicaragua. I’ve started to hone my skills and now I’d like to share these roasts that I’ve been making with others.

You can pick up a 12oz personalized blend of my coffee for a donation of just $12. Each roast is made especially for each order and I’ll even ship it to you anywhere in the US.

Each donation will help cover the costs of keeping the podcast going, and will also go toward future roasts.


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