episode seven – san francisco: seward + winfield slides

winfieldI first had the idea for this show not long after migrating to San Francisco. In my new neighborhood, I found a few little pocket parks, a whole bunch of staircases (Bernal Heights is pretty much steep on all sides), and I also found a neat little hidden attraction – the Winfield Street Slide. It was such a surprise that I had to do a bit of research on it. Why was this slide here? How did it get here? Who had the idea to have a slide that essentially links two blocks? Is this the only one in the city?seward

I soon discovered a nice story about community involvement. I also found out that there is another (slightly) more famous slide with an even more intense history of community activism in the Castro/Twin Peaks area – The Seward Slides. I immediately loved both of these places, and these two places were my inspiration for urbavore.

Now, 9 months later, urbavore takes a peek at the fairly recent history associated with two of the most fun hidden spots in San Francisco.

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