“I know those hills will be true, away from my sister and brother, and down through the grasses so blue.”

Harry the Dog being awesome

Harry the Dog being awesome

I hope you have had a chance to listen to the two newest urbavore episodes. Fred Anhalt’s buildings hold such a special place in my heart and SF’s Wiggle has helped open up the city to, not only myself, but thousands and thousands of people. I hope you enjoyed hearing about the past of this man and this place.

The two episodes that I am currently researching will introduce you to the inspiration for urbavore – two of my favorite spots in San Francisco – and shed a little light on how Seattle grew up from within greenery, not despite it. I hope these episodes are both fun and just a tiny bit educational.

I’m still trying to convince a few of you to come out of your shell and tell me about your favorite places. I’ve had some great conversations about hidden gems in cities across the world, and I would hope to bring those to the ears of others. These stories and places are what makes urban life great. Each one of us has a seemingly typical place that means something to us, and our appreciation of these places is just too interesting to keep secret.

Thanks again for listening. As always, I’d appreciate it if you share the show with your friends, and if you’d subscribe via iTunes, if you have not already.

Talk to you soon.

PS Ólöf Arnalds is perfect wintery music.

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