episode five – seattle: frederick anhalt


The Ten-O-Five is Fred Anhalt’s self-described “best building” he ever built. It’s located at 1005 Roy Street.

If there is one architectural style that screams “Seattle!” it is the style that non-architect Fred Anhalt cultivated during the 1920’s and 1930’s. Anhalt buildings dot much of central, NE and NW Seattle. In my old neighborhood, Capitol Hill, I was lucky enough to wander past Anhalt buildings on a daily basis. His semi-Bavarian, semi-Tudor, and almost castle-like brick apartments are to Seattle as Edwardians and Victorians are to San Francisco. Where San Francisco was maticulously designed by master architects, Seattle’s Anhalt apartments were just the opposite. They were born from the vision of a very unassuming salesman.

On this episode of Urbavore, we take a peek at some of the most beautiful and inspiring buildings in Seattle and the man behind their existence.

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