episode four – seattle + san francisco: great fire

In 1906, after a devestating earthquake, San Francisco burns.

Perhaps the most infamous great fire in North American history took place in San Francisco. The city was decimated, but from the ashes came one of the continents most architecturally and economically significant cities. The city’s flag features a phoenix rising from flames to serve as a reminder.

In 1889, a simple accident led to the destruction of 32 city blocks in Seattle.

Did you know that Seattle had a similar great fire 17 years earlier? Similarly, Seattle’s great fire destroyed the city, and similarly, the city rebuilt. From this fire came Washington Mutual, real plumbing, a new street grid, a boom in construction, and a series of underground pathways known as the Seattle Underground.

On this episode of Urbavore, we explore the devistation and the revitalization caused by these two great moments in the history of two of the west coast’s most innovative and important cities.

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